• SLAS and Pittcon 2024: Growing Similarities
      The cancellation of in-person conferences during the COVID-19 pandemic led to speculations regarding the future of in-person meetings.  Would the advantages of virtual shows (such as safety, reduced cost, no need to travel, lower environmental impact) outweigh those of in-person gatherings (such as audience engagement, opportunities for face-to face networking, and exhibitors’ ability to provide hands-on experiences) lead to the demise of the latter?  Since their resumption in person last [...]
    • Leaderboard 2023: Spin-offs begin to change listing ranks
      The last three years have changed our world in many ways, and these changes are reflected in the industry for analytical instruments and laboratory supplies. This is one reason why – after a hiatus last year – we have resurrected the Leaderboard.  Despite its flaws, which include the low visibility and availability of performance figures for the relevant assets in a number of companies and corporations, the listing gives an [...]
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