• Japanese instrument exports continue to sink
      After seeing the high single-digit export growth of 2015 wiped out last year, Japanese manufacturers of analytical instruments experienced a further drop in the first half of calendar 2017, as a strong yen and a weakening US dollar served to erode demand from international customers. According to figures from the Japanese Ministry of Finance, exports of instruments produced by local makers during the six months fell by 2% year-on-year to ¥221.64 [...]
    • Brighter year for the EU as export growth rebounds
      Although not quite matching the double-digit gains achieved two years ago, the European analytical instrumentation sector entered the second half of 2016 on a much more positive footing than had appeared likely at the beginning of the year, when trade figures showed a near collapse in exports. Buoyed by a rebound in shipments to the United States, achieved despite an unfavourable strengthening of the euro in the period (the currency hit [...]
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