• Leaderboard 2020: Charting a fragmented industry
      We might all remember the feeling of dread, when first encountering the global industry for analytical instruments and laboratory equipment and supplies and realising how fragmented this industry is, divided into the myriads of different technologies employed, the bewildering scope of applications dependent on its solutions, and the different sizes of its manufacturers and vendors.  There seems to be no ordering principle governing it, and even after two decades reporting [...]
    • Resurgence of analytical M&A transactions in 2019
      At first glance, the listed mergers and acquisitions within the analytical instrument industry during any given calendar year gives the observer a confusing picture.  Only at closer scrutiny – and while also keeping in mind the years before – do those tables release any trends.  So, what does last year’s tally tell us?  First off, the size of transactions was smaller during 2019 than in the previous year, when comparing [...]
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