• Resurgence of analytical M&A transactions in 2019
      At first glance, the listed mergers and acquisitions within the analytical instrument industry during any given calendar year gives the observer a confusing picture.  Only at closer scrutiny – and while also keeping in mind the years before – do those tables release any trends.  So, what does last year’s tally tell us?  First off, the size of transactions was smaller during 2019 than in the previous year, when comparing [...]
    • How important are Pittcon Awards?
      Gate Scientific Inc (Milpitas, CA) won gold awards for new products at the two Pittcon conferences, 2018 and 2019.  One was for a programmable, wireless-reporting, stirring hot plate, where the in-situ temperature probe and transmitter is in a molded, Teflon- encased magnetic stirrer bar.  The second gold, in 2019, added in-situ pH measurement and transmission to the stir bar.  We asked Kris Scaboo, president and co-founder, about the significance of [...]
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