• Pittcon Today Excellence Awards 2019
      The Pittcon Today Excellence Awards were given out for the third time this year.  From exhibitor-nominated instruments, nine finalists – three each for companies with annual revenue below $10 million, $10-100 million and above $100 million – were selected by a panel of experts, who ranked the entries within the turnover categories for ingenuity, creativity, implementation and outcomes. Gold in the first category went to the smartSENSE pH stirrer bar from [...]
    • M&A 2018: No apparent dominating trend
      Time of the year again to take the analytical instrument industry’s pulse and try to work out, where the journey might be going.  And what better way to do that than by looking at the acquisitions of 2018 that will change the competitive landscapes in various technology markets for years to come. Instrument News reported some 140 transactions for 2018.  This is in the same ball park as many the preceding [...]
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