• How important are Pittcon Awards?
      Gate Scientific Inc (Milpitas, CA) won gold awards for new products at the two Pittcon conferences, 2018 and 2019.  One was for a programmable, wireless-reporting, stirring hot plate, where the in-situ temperature probe and transmitter is in a molded, Teflon- encased magnetic stirrer bar.  The second gold, in 2019, added in-situ pH measurement and transmission to the stir bar.  We asked Kris Scaboo, president and co-founder, about the significance of [...]
    • Levelling Up at SLAS 2020
      The ninth annual International Conference and Exhibition of the Society for Lab Automation and Screening (SLAS) was held from 25th–29th January in San Diego, CA.  More than 5,000 scientists, presenters, and exhibitors from 30 countries attended the conference, themed “Level Up Your Science”.  Top-Down Analytics Inc (TDA; Encino, CA), a market research and strategy consulting firm in scientific technology, was there to get up to speed with the latest developments [...]
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