• Leaderboard 2018: a picture of deceptive tranquillity
      The top 40 of the 2018 Leaderboard, listing companies by their revenues –directly generated in the market for analytical instruments and laboratory supplies – of calendar 2017, marks out a transition year, one of relative calm as major acquisitions of the previous five years settle down and get fully integrated.  As a result, the leading club remains relatively stable, with only a few companies within it jostling for their ranks.  [...]
    • ASMS 2018 focusses on throughput in mass spectrometry
      The 66th annual American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics was held on 3rd – 7th of June in San Diego, CA. The halls of the city’s convention center were filled with attendees ranging from undergraduate students to world renowned mass spectrometrists.  Workshops, seminars, poster presentations, and, of course, the exhibition comprised the conference’s daytime activities.  After nightfall, the energy of the sun was [...]
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