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September 2018 – content

Life Sciences

Blockchain-powered DNA and health database secures funding round

Funding boost for AI metabolomics startup

Bio-Techne makes two acquisitions for diagnostics markets

Andrew Alliance wins funding from corporate and private backers

PathogenDx raising start-up funds

Promega plans further headquarters expansion

Major MS player acquires exclusive rights to DESI

Zeus becomes global distributor of Dynex instruments

Gooch & Housego expands life sciences segment with purchase

BMG Labtech expands global headquarters

Hamilton launches two automation platforms for Waters

Cellenion and Miltenyi partner


General Laboratory 

B&W Tek assets acquired by Swiss instrument specialist

RaySpec becomes part of larger X-ray products group

Micro Materials bought by Spantech

Polytec to distribute X-ray camera portfolio from Advacam

Glitch in industrial gases super merger

Metrohm and Waters partner in IC


Process & hand-held instrumentation

Ldetek joins Battery Venture’s PST Group

Grabner adopts FTIR technology as OEM product

Luna Innovations sells optoelectronics solutions unit

Ametek buys two firms for EIG



Bio-Techne Diagnostics to benefit from purchases in next fiscal year

Illumina’s recurring revenues reaches 84%

Chinese demand alleviates the worst for PacBio

Acquisition of IDT pushes Danaher LS sales to double-digit growth

SDI has record year on acquisitions and flourishing OEM business

Bio-Rad management ups forecast on LS performance

Currency translation push down “strong organic growth” at Merck LS

IVD and biotechnology markets “overperform” at IDEX HST

Waters’ domestic revenues shrink in Q2

Xylem test applications ramp up during second quarter

Halma growth led by E&A segment

Slump in industrial products does not curb Biotage

Prior Scientific invests in expansion after punishing fiscal year

Corning LS continues record-breaking performance into 2018

Kromek achieves first EBITDA-positive year

Danaher’s Hach business sees double-digit increases

Environmental products up on SSI buy at Teledyne

Domestic market dominates Luna revenues





August 2018 – content

Life Sciences

Astero Bio buys assets of cryopreservation business

Dycent opens new gel production plant in China

Foss to open new R&D centre in Hungary

Purchase expands Bruker AFM life sciences offering

Agilent expands its consumables portfolio with glycan analysis specialist

AddLife buys distributor of food diagnostics products

Labtech International buys UK centrifuge business

StoneCalibre makes two further acquisitions

Major AFM company in collaboration with Cytosurge

Cellectrion grants exclusive Dynaflow licence

Oxford Nanopore settles patent litigation in Europe

Genomics software business raises funds

Solvias sees 16% growth in calendar 2017

Applied Photophysics signs two European distributors


General Laboratory

Thermo Fisher eyes jewel of Roper’s Scientific Imaging segment

Specim moves HQs to Espoo

Binder grows sales 3% in 2016

Micromeritics expands portfolio with powder flow specialist

Milk processing industry focus of Lactotronic purchase

Markes presents versatile sample prep platform


Process and hand-held instrumentation

Alpha MOS to focus on process QA

Name change for m-u-t AG

Sick invests in German locations



Leaderboard 2018: a picture of deceptive tranquillity



Integra Biosciences EBIT growth declines

ONT revenues and orders up in 2017

Berthold Technologies misses calendar 2016 target

Bioindustry’s contribution reduced at Takara Bio

Porvair Laboratory saved from stagnating topline by acquisitions

AddLife benefits from life science being priority in Scandinavia

Qiagen beats own CER guidance

Agilent’s investors sceptical despite on-track guidance

HHT edges over guidance thanks to scientific systems

Tosoh grows in fiscal year despite weak last quarter

Markes more than doubles growth rates in 2017

Atlas Copco share price dips on lower-than-expected orders

Eurocontrol has weak start in 2018

JEOL almost hits own sales guidance

Process automation at Sick still below expectations in 2017

All indicators point up for m-u-t AG

Reversal of fortunes at AHL in first quarter

Alpha MOS revenues take a tumble



July 2018 – content

Life Sciences

Illumina to integrate ‘platform-as-a-service’ provider for NGS data analysis

More fund made available to 10x Genomics

Horizon Discovery rebuffs takeover plans

Eppendorf opens automated storage facility for plastics products

Sygnis continues shopping spree while losses shrink

Bruker buys in SPR capabilities

Danaher to integrate business unit with Molecular Devices


General Laboratory

SiliCycle invests into expansion of manufacturing capabilities

Agilent stocks up on standards and reference materials

SPECS USA changes name

Adam Equipment grows in export markets

PerkinElmer expands Chinese instrumentation foothold

Acquisition expands Agilent’s foothold in East Asia

Scanwel signs two new partners


Process & hand-held instrumentation

Two acquisitions enhance NDT capabilities at Zeiss RQT

Kromek celebrates anniversary, moves US site to new facility

Siemens signs automation deal

Veolia signs Hach for laboratory supplies and process analysers



ASMS 2018 Annual Conference: Throughput is the name of the game



Illumina raises guidance as it continues to overperform

Bio-Techne reaffirms guidance as sales continue to climb

Weak dollar buoys GE as pruning continues

Sartorius’ bottom line held back by currency and costs

Fluidigm held back by delayed instrument orders

PSS slashes guidance as sales continue to slide

HBIO ups guidance as DSI purchase drives growth

Thermo ups guidance thanks to acquisitions and currencies

Shimadzu falls short of guidance on instrument sales

Showa Denko beats guidance for 2017

Foss break sales records despite lower growth rates

Carl Zeiss benefits from semicon market improvement

OI returns to profit after industrial analysis divestment

Losses widen as costs hit Nikon’s bottom line

Morpho buy offsets weak markets for Smiths Detection

Varex Imaging benefits from acquisition in second year after inception

Newly-combined Australian firm drives growth for Diploma

Security screening drives growth for Comet




June 2018 – content

Life Sciences

Brooks adds cryo-storage services company

Twist raises a further $50 million funding

Fujifilm buy cell culture media company

LGC makes two acquisitions for Genomics division

Genoptix buys Dx lab as prelude for Rosetta Genomics acquisition

LIMS and ELN company to expand Agilent informatics offering

Equity support continues to fuel acquisitions at Thomas Scientific

Systec partners for autoclave validation

Greiner Bio-One buys magnetic 3D cell culture technology


General Laboratory

Merger to spark more competition in elemental analysis

TE Instruments opens US offices following deal termination

Danaher slips in another separations acquisition

Flash Photonics moves to new headquarters

Stanhope-Seta grows in 80th anniversary year

Julabo opens expanded UK headquarters

Microsaic expands commercial reach and repositions to biologics QC


Process & hand-held instrumentation

Sixth purchase deepens Unchained Labs stake in biologics QC

Emerson buys industrial software company

Yokogawa sets up IIoT business

Honeywell expands manufacturing capacity

E+H invests in additional facilities globally

German process specialist acquires portable NIR start-up



Growth returns to Japan's instrument sector in 2017



Eppendorf’s bottom line droops despite above-target sales

Danaher LS benefits from strong markets and weak dollar

Acquisitions put Tecan’s growth ahead of forecasts

­­­Bio-Rad edges over consensus thanks to shaky dollar

BD raises guidance after better than expected sales

Acquisitions and new product launches keep Stratec on track

Brooks grows on strong markets and acquisitions

Record growth for MKS thanks to semiconductor surge

Techcomp returns to profit on the eve of ownership split

Evaporation products help Biotage maintain growth

Acquisition boosts sales but hurts margins for PerkinElmer

Exchange rates help Olympus beat guidance

MT outperforms thanks to instrument sales and China

Renishaw Healthcare continues to reduce losses

Strong overseas growth puts Yokogawa ahead of targets

Weakening dollar pushes Danaher E&AS in Q1

Cloudy prospects for Inficon as Hapsite waits for market bounce

E+H sees top and bottom line growth

Marine instruments business holds back Teledyne

Astrotech spins its wheels as liquidity worries continue



May 2018 – content

Life Sciences

Danaher expands into synthetic biology­­ with acquisition

Nexcelom wins growth investment

Stratec to change legal form

PharmaFluidics series A funding to support expansion

Certara acquires competitor

Two Pore Guys win collaboration partner and investor

Sphere Fluidics expands workforce to commercialise Cyto-Mine


General Laboratory

Tescan buys distributor, expands into 3D CT

Anasys finds home at Bruker Nano

Prior Scientific acquires nanopositioning pioneer

Elementar America moves to Long Island

Techcomp buys UAE partner after Scion restructuring

AEI adds Japanese high voltage power company

Magritek moves staff to Europe

Gerstel to reach sales milestone in anniversary year

Lauda Scientific enters market for optical tensiometry

Axel Semrau launched combined powder dosing platform

Jüke Systemtechnik sees healthy growth in 2016


Process & hand-held instrumentation

Spectris merges further businesses, adds automotive testing firm

Ingenza to double its footprint

Ion Science launches PID fire investigation kit

LayTec becomes part of m-u-t AG



Analytica 2018: The world largest meeting for the laboratory industry

EU instrument export growth more than doubles



NovaSeq keeps Illumina ahead of forecasts in 2017

PBI not out of the woods despite positive developments

PacBio ends the year ahead of Wall Street targets

Eurofins outperforms in its most active year for acquisitions

FilmArray puts bioMérieux over the top despite currency headwind

AddLife driven equally by Biolin purchase and active markets

OpGen slashes costs as commercialisation continues

SDI grows organically and through purchases

Agilent smashes guidance despite tax-related earnings tumble

Second half rebound allows Horiba to end the year ahead

Bruker beats Wall Street estimates

Acquisitions and overseas demand put Judges back on track

Pfeiffer sails over guidance in takeover year

HHT continues to edge down outlook

Spectris driven by currency and US market in 2017

IDEX continues to benefit from strong instrument sales

Shimadzu grows in double digits

Skyray shines as turnover doubles

Microsaic sales continue to dive

Roper impresses with guidance despite sales miss

API asset sale helps Luna regain profitability

Eurocontrol explores its options as profitability remains elusive



April 2018 – content

Life Sciences

Bruker buys high-speed IR microscopy start-up

Roche to spend $2bn on oncology EHR company

Agilent acquires nucleic acid fragment separation specialist

RedShiftBio completes trial project of MMS platform

PerkinElmer buys pre-implantation testing firm

Oxford Nanopore wins ITC case

TFS expands forensics testing capabilities with acquisition

Relay Therapeutics raises funds

IPG finalises Touchstone purchase

SDI acquires further CCD camera assets


General Laboratory

Verder adds hardness testing company

Detector Technology buys instrument supplies specialist

Business of chromatography firm taken on by larger distributor

IPG Photonics acquires OptiGrade

BrightSpec signs distributor for Japanese market

Anton Paar and Metrohm go separate ways ‘Down Under’

Bristol Instruments expands distribution network


Process & hand-held instrumentation

Ametek buys moisture and gas measurement specialist

Parker Hannifin starts bioscience unit

Luna Innovations creates new THz imaging division

TSI buys stress monitoring assets



Pittcon 2018: condensed, miniaturised and pep infused

M&A: Life science acquisitions tailing off in 2017



Tax charge puts Luminex in the red despite sales beat

Currency headwinds slacken but Abcam ups guidance

Roche extends informatics push in a solid fourth quarter

BD beats on sales but drops to a loss on costs

Merck beats targets but warns of currency headwinds

Fluidigm earnings miss despite mass cytometry surge

HBIO boosted by European recovery and currency

Strongest performance in four years for Corning LS

GD expects Medical segment to strengthen in 2018

Atlas Copco benefits from high vacuum demand

Life Science not driver at Dassault

TFS exceeds expectations with broad-based growth

Semiconductor rebound and Newport purchase drive MKS

PE ends year with late acquisition

XRF posts stronger results as expansion continues

Emerson AS raises guidance as acquisition drives growth

Weak TSA demand continues to hold back L3 in 2017

Demand for in-field instruments boosts Honeywell

Inficon S&E ends year strong despite volatile markets

Schneider beats forecasts for industrial automation

Danaher E&AS ends year strongly due to acquisition

ABB offsets weak markets with automation purchase

Parker Hannifin expects continued market recovery in 2018



March 2018 – content

Life Sciences

End of the road for Protea Biosciences?

HBIO buys lab animal monitoring specialist

Spectris buys research and laboratory services business

Siemens to spin out healthcare business

Qiagen to spend $200 million on pre-commercial diagnostics company

Quanterix goes public, launches new biomarker instrument

Jenoptik to target biophotonics

Thomas Scientific makes two acquisitions

ADS Biotec launches new cytogenetics isolator instrument

NanoTemper launches new product

Genialis raises seed investment


General Laboratory

Advion reports record sales in calendar 2017

Metrohm expands Raman capabilities with two purchases

Lauda reaches 2017 revenues of €80 million

Unitron buys Luxo microscope division

Quantachrome sells to European instrument specialist

Seal Analytical adds robotics specialist

Cronin Group buys lab equipment operating platform firm

Phenom World joins assets of original owner

Köttermann suffers in 70th anniversary year

Shimadzu to distribute Restek separation consumables

Spectro Analytical in collaboration with lab chemical manufacturer


Process & hand-held instrumentation

Hach buys solar irradiation testing business

Pyreos enters partnership with spectroscopy expert

Asahi Glass pools contract protein manufacturing assets

Pall and WuXi set up R&D bioprocessing laboratory



SLAS 2018: Conference report

Growth for global instrument trade during first half of 2017­­

US instrument sector continues to blossom



Brooks ramps up growth in surging biostorage sector

Qiagen beats guidance as instrument sales strengthen

Stratec holds firm on guidance as expansion continues

Lab sector and acquisitions offset headwinds for Sartorius

Danaher impresses thanks to life science equipment sales

Healthcare to remain core as GE cuts away dead wood

Xylem continues to expand as it closes a solid year

Waters grows in key end markets

Biotage bullish on strongest year yet

Dynasil back in black due to tax gains

Healthy markets keep Zeiss microscopes on track

VWR tops targets on the eve of Avantor merger

MT raises guidance for full year

Acquisitions continue to boost growth at Ametek

Alpha MOS halves revenues in H1 2017

Teledyne’s Instruments grow in double digit in Q4

FLIR Detection saved by fourth quarter



February 2018 – Content

Life Sciences

Agilent buys in biosensor and bioassay capabilities

Maravai adds nucleic acid synthesis reagent expert

PBI seeks fortune with purchase of biologics formulation firm

Bio-Techne buys cell culture reagent firm

Roche buys healthcare lab data specialist

Software firm acquires forensics laboratory

Nanosurf to develop live-cell weighing instrument

Japanese-French IVD joint venture dissolved

ONT key for most complete human DNA sequence

Cytosurge signs AFM instrument partners

Optibrium moves into new HQs following expansion

Illumina to sell TFS’ AmpliSeq technology to its customers


General Laboratory

General Electric CEO Flannery considers business break up

Horiba Scientific buys SPM product business

Elemental Scientific adds laser ablation capabilities

Nanoscribe celebrates 10th anniversary

Excelitas being sold to next equity investment owner

SDI expands with thermal control company

JEOL and Nikon open CLEM solution centre

TeakOrigin wins industry giant as partner


Process & hand-held instrumentation

Puridify becomes part of GE Healthcare

EPTEK’s CEM assets find interest with industry giant

Ametek launches process MS



TDA 2018 Outlook: Analytical Instrument Industry

Japanese instrument exports continue to sink



Illumina ups guidance as NovaSeq exceeds expectations

Bio-Rad ahead of targets despite North American slowness

PSS ends tough year with strong growth forecast

PBI struggles to stay afloat with dwindling resources

Acquisitions boost sales of Takara’s reagents and instruments

AddLife growth benefits from acquisition

PacBio stock dips after sales miss

Weak Pound Sterling continues to drive growth for Halma

Agilent’s strength surprises both itself and analysts

Busch takeover causes management purge at Pfeiffer

Instrument sales begin to pick up for Horiba

Shimadzu raises guidance as markets strengthen

Solid results as Corning doubles down on pharma packaging

JEOL disappoints although prospects brighten

Instrument sales drive growth for IDEX

AHL returns to profit despite plunging sales

Order timing problems remain a headwind for L3

Danaher E&AS boosted by acquisitions and currency

Roper raises guidance after beating on earnings



January 2018 – content

Life Sciences

Thermo Fisher expands its transplant test offering

Swift Biosciences moves to expanded headquarters

Mettler-Toledo buys consumables company

Unchained opens two foreign offices

TA Instruments “business development opportunity” sparks investment

IDEX H&S adds second microfluidics specialist

TwistDx launches amplification kits to speed up commercialisation

Sphere Fluidics wins R&D funding share

Qiagen starts Custom Solutions business

Cell Signaling to target Germany and Austria directly

Twist Biosciences to supply competitor

3M buys allergen testing specialist


General Laboratory

Horizon Technology sold after 25 years as private company

Carl Zeiss buys majority of Russian sales partner

Halma expands Environmental & Analysis segment

Knauer celebrated 55th anniversary

Digital Surf enters agreement on AFM analysis software

Xnovo signs partnership for X-ray imaging module

Rigaku opens new European headquarters


Process & hand-held instrumentation

Consumer Physics raises $17 million in funds

Process chromatography company bought by LS giant

OSI completes Morpho ETD acquisition

Spectris creates JV for environmental monitoring business

Bristol Instrument quadruples headquarters



Roche benefits from strong molecular biology instrument sales

Another strong quarter for Bio-Techne

Mass cytometry drives growth for Fluidigm

Strong markets and a weak pound put Abcam on track

Strong euro flattens growth for MilliporeSigma

Molecular diagnostics keeps Luminex on target

LabCorp tops estimates as acquisitions continue

TFS outperforms with help of Analytical instruments

Olympus underperforms but raises guidance

Environmental sector drives growth for Xylem's sensor unit

Strength in Europe lets Waters outperform Wall Street’s expectation

Acquisitions help MT beat third quarter targets

Integrated Newport puts MKS over the top

Demand for Nikon microscopes still sluggish overseas

Environmental businesses up 9% at Diploma

Inficon blames unstable markets for S&E plunge

Eurocontrol improves sales for the third successive quarter

Luna focusses on instruments to improve margins

Kromek sales in Asia almost treble



December 2017 – content

Life Sciences

Bioreactor company starts Asian operations

Microbac Laboratories opens new facility

Danaher buys software company for life sciences segment

Brooks LSS expands consumables offering with acquisition

TTP Group and Sphere Fluidics launch single cell analysis platform

Fluxion signs HBIO as North American distribution partner


General Laboratory

Toptica Photonics moves to new US headquarters

Anton Paar US hires and aims for 20% growth in 2018

Freeman opens German office

Hellma celebrates anniversary

Industrial Physics continues expansion with two acquisitions

Techcomp extends deadline stake purchase negotiations

ULO Optics buys laser mirror specialist


Process & hand-held instrumentation

Two acquisition expand E+H’s measurement portfolio

Cemtrex shifts interest to EMS and virtual reality

Bacharach changes equity owner

Rockwell rejects Emerson’s overtures

Luna sells part of API business



Brighter year for EU as export growth rebounds




Life Sciences drives growth for GE Healthcare

Bioprocess plunge wipes out growth for Sartorius

Sample management demand continues to benefit Brooks

TTP Labtech’s liquid handling portfolio drives revenue growth

International demand lifts headwind-hit BD

Instrument sales strengthen for Qiagen

HBIO still held back by weakness in Europe

Judges rebounds to profit as overseas sales soar

Currency tailwind and acquisitions give Bruker a push

Horiba’s instrument sales hit by weak academic demand

HHT investment boosts scientific instrument unit

PE reports healthiest global markets in years

Improved margins lift Biotage’s bottom line

EAS offsets sluggish instrument sales with acquisition

Astrotech threatened with delisting as stock dips

Acquisition costs put OSI’s Security business in the red

Comet looks beyond NDT for growth