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Latest Issues

July 2019 – content

Life Sciences

Software-as-a-service business bought by Beckman Coulter

Avidity Science celebrates anniversary following name change

PerkinElmer opens new Singapore operations

TFS stocks up on MS software with acquisition

Ziath establishes foreign subsidiaries

Enzymatic DNA synthesis company raises funds

Two Pore Guys rebrand to sharpen commercial focus

Nimble Therapeutics spins out


General Laboratory

Adam Equipment sold to Swedish industrial group

Labfolder buys instrument data integration specialist

SLS purchases UK lab equipment distributor

Avo Photonics celebrates anniversary with new HQs

Diverse Optics expands injection moulding capabilities

LGC buys metal alloy standards company

Longer Pump expands US and global headquarters

Media Cybernetics prepares for aggressive growth phase

Microsaic adds further Southeast Asia OEM partner

Avantor disappoints at IPO

Specim expands into Russian market

UK regulator shows some teeth


Process & hand-held instrumentation

Detection Technology buys French detector and imaging company

Yokogawa buys stake in temperature monitoring specialist

Mocon launches US predictive maintenance programme

Bruker expands its semicon metrology division

TFS invests in expansion of pharma manufacturing and services

Chlorine testing pioneer celebrates anniversary

Inficon buys leak detector company



LGC benefits from acquisitions in financial 2018

Greiner Bio-One growth stagnates in calendar 2018

Purchase makes itself felt at Pressure BioSciences

Integra Biosciences sees substantial growth

Stratec’s results “below expectations”

BD biosciences winces from business sale

Adam Equipment grows sales in low single digits

HHT expects 2019 sales dip while starting restructuring

Halma E&A weaker in second half of fiscal year

Tosoh Specialty grows above company average

Scientific Solutions star performer at Olympus

Industrial and Medical lead at Zeiss

IXM only growing segment for Comet

Berthold Tech stays below forecast in calendar 2017

Oil price volatility to affect Honeywell's PMT division in 2019

Control segment stagnates at Yokogawa

Process Automation helps to make Sick Group’s growth “above average”

Inficon suffers in Q4 2018





June 2019 – content

Life Sciences

Canopy Biosciences buys cytometer firm with equity company support

CytoSMART wins funds for portfolio and marketing expansion

Qiagen buys dPCR assets from Formulatrix

SDI makes three acquisitions to expand technology foundations

HPMS company raises further funds

Miltenyi buys bio-sample clearing agent

NanoCellect expands into major export markets with deals


General Laboratory

Thorlabs adds further technology expertise to its flurry of optics acquisitions

Altmann Analytik expands into US market

Hitachi HT buys electron source specialist

Roper refocuses business structure after imaging sell off

­­Struers strengthens brand recognition by renaming Japanese subsidiary

Hübner Photonics creates US office

LUM celebrates 25th birthday


Process & hand-held instrumentation

MKS moves into laser-based micro-machining and expands Asian reach

KPM Analytics purchases two food quality monitoring specialists

Two acquisitions for Luna Innovations



Acquisitions drive Expedeon almost to profitability

Installed systems base declines at Fluidigm

Dharmacon dramatically changes Horizon Discovery’s financials

China races ahead, while Japan stagnates for Abcam

AddLife’s organic growth stagnates in calendar 2018

Qiagen Life Sciences ups contribution in 2018

Sequencing grows 4% at Roche

Chinese turnover down at Judges Scientific after strong 2017

XRF Scientific improves profitability in fH1

Kewaunee halves international sales on strong prior-year period

Pfeiffer’s Analytics division grows on broad base

Renishaw Healthcare buoyed by strong spectroscopy sales

Consumer Pharma strongest growth in Grace’s Materials segment

Chemicals grow moderately at Showa Denko

Programme phasing negatively affects Smiths Detection

Detection Technology S&I sees Chinese demand stagnate

Microsaic doubles instrument sales

Teledyne still feels effect of 2017 acquisitions

Roper holds on to strong organic growth prior to restructuring

ABB’s IA saved by acquisition in full year





May 2019 – content

Life Sciences

Tecan buys long-term pump component supplier

BioLife Solutions acquires bio-thawing specialist

Thermo Fisher expands drug manufacturing services with viral vector expert

Sysmex invests in UK Cytocell facility

BrightSpec to expand through acquisition of VCD company

Stilla Technologies launches faster dPCR

Eagle Genomics raises additional funding


General Laboratory

Foss invests in international expansion and process IT

Biotage shifts manufacturing to Horizon Technology’s location

VICI expands European headquarters

Gate Scientific raises a stir with sensing stirrer bar

Scientific Laboratory Supplies sets up East African office

Judges Scientific expands shareholding in business

Australian university sells off geo-analytical instrument lines


Process & hand-held instrumentation

Orthodyne appoints US sales and service partner

MEECO to build technology and distribution partnerships with third parties

YMC acquires specialist for continuous separation technologies

Bruker restructures Detection business after revenues drop



Pittcon 2019 in Philadelphia holding up … just!

Pittcon Today Excellence Awards 2019



Growth in bioprocess and contrast agents sales drive GE Healthcare

Last quarter recovery at Merck driven by LS segment

Porvair Laboratory slips organically

Life Science sales drive Bio-Rad in 2018

Tecan’s end-user business makes up lost ground

Eppendorf grows above industry average in 2018

MKS forecast sees Q1 revenues down by one fifth

Horizon acquisition helps Biotage to break threshold

BioSpin and Europe perform below expectations at Bruker

Launch timings negatively affect Waters’ instruments sales

Expansions impact Foss bottom line

Above average acquisition benefits for Ametek EIG

Detection systems grow strongly at L3 Technologies

Tax credits beautify AHL’s bottom line in the fourth quarter

Luna’s bottom line saved from worse by divestitures



April 2019 – content

Life Sciences

GE to sell Healthcare segment’s biopharma business

PerkinElmer divests multispectral imaging business

Bruker buys ELN company targeting biopharma customers

Miltenyi acquires light-sheet microscopy specialist

PAA signs distributor for China

Genedata signs Bruker as integration partner

Eppendorf launches PCR and freezer products


General Laboratory

WITec establishes French office

Bruker buys majority of NMR software company

LTE Scientific invests in UK service team

Lonza divests Water Care business

ChemSpace collaboration to extend access to global chemical databases

Scharlab celebrates 70th anniversary in business

LECO partners for 2D GC consumables


Process & hand-held instrumentation

Emerson adds GE’s Intelligent Platforms business

Equity investment spurs MJ Wilson’s expansion by acquisition

Danaher buys software addition for Ekso

FLIR opens segment HQs



Bio-Techne sees double-digit organic growth rates

Eurofins M&A spend to be limited for two years

G&H Life Sciences saved by acquisition

Danaher LS continues end 2018 with mid-teens growth rates

Lab products growth dampened in Sartorius’ second half 2018

PacBio continues slide, while Europe bucking the trend

R&D investment generates tangible results at MT’s lab instruments

Xylem M&CS bottom line drops in Q4

Analytical Instruments generate highest organic growth at TFS

Nikon Healthcare sees rate of losses increase

Dynasil turns a profit on tax benefits

Gardner Denver Medical sees double-digit sales growth

Hach leads E&AS with 10% growth in China

Schneider Electric’s IA affected by currency headwinds

WTS contributes almost half of Suez’ American sales



March 2019 – content

Life Sciences

Further funding for Sphere Fluidics to open US West Coast office

PerkinElmer sells multispectral imaging business

Thermo Fisher sell anatomical pathology business

Beckman Coulter acquires acoustic liquid handling business

Focus of bioMérieux’ latest purchase is food and beverage testing

Twist Bioscience lists on Nasdaq

Horizon Discovery signs university partner for gene editing research

Malaysian genetics screening business bought by instrumentation giant

HBIO closes two locations


General Laboratory

Spectris undergoes strategic review to improve margins

PerkinElmer buys European GC and MS business

Horiba buys nanotracking particle analyser company

Techcomp changes name after takeover

Roper divests remaining scientific imaging businesses

OI terminates EDX deal in Asia

Elliot Scientific changes owner

Advion launches ICP-MS


Process and hand-held instrumentation

Excelitas acquires OCT and NIR companies

MTS buys simulation software specialist

Industrial Physics expands with corrosion testing specialist

Pyreos signs global distribution partner

Comet sells part of ebeam business



M&A 2018: No apparent dominating trend



Illumina warns of slower growth ahead in microarray segment

Luminex upbeat despite LabCorp withdrawal

HBIO finishes transformative year

First annual report sees Twist Bioscience growing strongly

Corning LS continues to outpace market in 2018

Double digit organic growth of bioMérieux’ industrial sales

Fluidigm continues organic growth

Spectris’ Material Analysis grows organically, while purchase disappoints

IDEX sees highest organic growth since 2011

Strategic shift reduces proportion of industrial sales at PerkinElmer

Horiba’s Scientific Instruments continue single-digit sales growth

Medical saves HHT’s SMS segment

Teledyne sees “highest organic growth in a decade” in third quarter

Currency headwinds affect ABB’s IA division in Q3

FLIR sees fall in demand for CBRNE solutions in Q4

Roper sees strong organic growth while it leaves the scientific imaging market

EAS tops full-year sales guidance on oil price recovery

SPS grows stronger at Honeywell than PMT

Parker Industrial embattled in international markets





February 2019 – content

Life Sciences

AddLife expands in international markets with two acquisitions

Abcam buys in expertise in custom antibody production

Chiral Technologies acquires DNA synthesis company

Sygnature opens US office

Intabio raises funds for commercial launch of Blaze system

Gencove signs two partners to offer low-pass sequencing service

Qiagen expands clinical bioinformatics offering with acquisition


General Laboratory

Lauda acquires laboratory temperature control equipment firm

DJB Instruments opens Chinese office

Sotax buys multi-vendor services organisations

Eurofins in ‘outsourcing deal’ for materials testing services

Dectris marks US office anniversary

Covalent Metrology buys SMT analysis lab

Horiba consolidates Korean locations


Process & hand-held instrumentation

Sartorius and Lonza recast cell culture media partnership

Ntron acquisition expands gas sensor portfolio of PST

Honeywell to relocate corporate and segment headquarters

OI partners ULVAC for semiconductor manufacturing in Japan



TDA Instrument Industry Outlook 2019:

political and economic uncertainties to diminish growth rate



AddLife’s expansion of Medtech segment continues in Q3

Qiagen hit by currency headwinds

GE Healthcare reports no growth in Q3

Weakening European economy impacts Lab Products at Sartorius

Stratec to sell nucleic acid prep business as slump continues

Eppendorf sales growth reduces on currency headwinds

Roche Diagnostics growth down to single digits

Divestitures change customer balance at OI

Atlas Copco Vacuum suffers from impending semicon slump

Carl Zeiss puts stronger focus on industrial customers

MTS Systems saved by Sensors segment

JEOL sees top- and bottom-line drop sequentially

Tosoh not held back by weak European separation sales

Comet reduces full-year forecast after third quarter

Varex Industrial grows in double-digits

Kromek on track despite production site transfer









January 2019 – content

Life Sciences

Funding round follows product launch at Fluidic Analytics

LGC expands quality control materials business

Biotage acquires biosample separation column company

Luminex muses restructuring of Merck flow cytometry portfolio

Dynamic Biosensors gears up for commercial expansion

Amgen invests in Oxford Nanopore

LGC buys oligo reagent company


General Laboratory

Trajan expands its portfolio of separation consumables

Struggling Köttermann finds Czech investor

Syft adds employees

Crawford Scientific makes two acquisitions

Water purification and vacuum oven company joins SDI

UK scrutiny for Gatan deal

Blacktrace opens expanded offices in Japan

Mestrelab signs strategic partnership with Bruker

Ametek makes two more acquisitions to end the year

Microsaic signs North American distributor


Process & hand-held instrumentation

Ametek buys machine condition monitoring company

Metrology firm finds new home at Bruker

Industrial Physics expands metal packaging testing capabilities

Smiths Medical divestiture cancelled

Atlas Copco to buy semicon cryogenics business



Blacktrace expects record calendar 2018 results

Bio-Rad issues cautious Q4 guidance

Luminex suffer from LabCorp withdrawal

Brooks LSS profit drops into the red for fQ4 2018

SDI continues acquisition strategy and sees 11% organic growth

PSS misses revenues forecast for fFY

E&A is strongest growing Halma segment in fiscal first half

OI unit purchase no help for HHT’s scientific instruments

Biotage to invest in increasing analytical sales in Asia

Bruker Nano sees double-digit growth to become biggest segment

WR Grace’s CP business loses US customers

Yokogawa ups full-year forecast on Control division’s strength

Hach up in double-digits on Chinese focus on water quality

Alpha MOS reduces rates of decline during H1

Smiths Detection leaves sister divisions behind on sales growth

Ametek forecasts low-double digit growth in full year 2018

Microsaic reports progress in pursuit of bioprocessing strategy

December 2018 – content

Life Sciences

Exact Sciences buys biosample stabilisation company

Protein Metrics establishes European headquarters

Illumina to acquire embattled long-read sequencing specialist

Agilent expands Luxcel facility for live-cell analysis

Luminex to buy flow cytometry portfolio off life science giant

BioBright and Beckman Coulter in strategic partnership for Dx IT

Bio-Techne partners with Micropoint on microfluidics assay devices

NanoCellect to target global markets in 2019

CN Bio launches benchtop organ-on-a-chip device

LGC rebrands Genomics unit


General Laboratory

ETP bought by detector technology group

Purchase expands Micromeritics into microreactor market

Lab Innovations 2018 attracts 10% more visitors

Lauda enters collaboration with start-up company

Infometrix celebrates anniversary

Waters and Restek in GC-MS deal


Process & hand-held instrumentation

Teledyne buys assets of miniature GC company

Reinis takes Xenemetrix independent once more

Inficon buys software and engineering consultancy firm



Microarrays demand highest since 2011 at Illumina

Organic growth in balance with acquisitions at Danaher LS

Takara Bio’s Gene Therapy segment turns a profit

PacBio slumps at eve of takeover

SigmaMillipore performance saves Merck from the worst

BD Life Sciences weakens in Q4

“Outstanding quarter” completes Agilent’s year ahead of expectations

Shimadzu key instrument lines plateau in fH1

Olympus bottom line suffers under law suit damages

Judges Scientific loses sales in China

Xylem test applications’ organic growth in mid-single figures

Coherent OCI business unaffected by tariff disputes

Diploma performs strongly despite weaker LS segment

More than half of OSI Security unit growth remains non-organic

AHL rides wave of recovery in oil price-dependent industries

Suez sees large revenues growth thanks to GE Water acquisition




November 2018 – content

Life Sciences

Battery Ventures acquires British life science instrumentation firm

Brooks moves into genomics and NGS services with purchase

First acquisition for 10x Genomics

Agilent makes bid for cytometry market with acquisition

Eurofins grows through acquisitions continues in 2018

TTP Labtech develops sample prep platform for cryo-EM

Ubiquigent wins compound development grant

PharmaFluidics wins MS partner


General Laboratory           

Mecmesin joins James Heal with Battery Ventures’ PPT group

Asset buy ends lull in acquisitions for TA Instruments

Regulatory concerns to delay Gatan sale

Wyatt Technology buys FFF company

Techcomp expands Livingston campus


Process & hand-held instrumentation

Thermo Fisher buys cell culture media business

Swagelok expands headquarters campus

Pall enters into partnership with cell line developers

Repligen accelerates commercial expansion with agreements

Fluence Analytics signs Japanese distributor



Qiagen experiences slower European growth in Q2

HBIO reaps benefits from restructuring

Eurofins organic growth at 5%

Currency headwinds shave off 4% of Sartorius’ topline

Stratec reduces forecast after difficult first six months

Acquisitions buoy growth at Brooks LSS

Chiltern purchase helps LabCorp’s CCD

Half of bioMérieux’s organic growth contributed by FilmArray

Roche sequencing sales and PCR licencing income decline

Addlife Labtech sees strong organic growth in first half

Spectris CLS acquisition performs below expectations

GD’s Medical sees best organic growth in eight years

PerkinElmer sees applied markets lead DAS growth

Increased R&D costs push Techcomp back into the red

Dynasil improves after challenging fiscal 2017

Kewaunee ends on a high

Prudent organic guidance from TFS despite bumper first half results

Pfeiffer tops its own half-year forecast

Showa increases Chemicals 2018 guidance

Renishaw Healthcare makes first ever profit

EAS benefits from acquisition and higher investments

Schneider Electric’s IA segment hit by currencies

Threat detection sales drive FLIR’s new G&D segment

Scientific Imaging backlog drives organic growth at Roper M&SI

L3 Technologies hopes for ClearScan traction in the US

Specialty Products less successful than Honeywell’s Process Solutions

Parker Hannifin North America benefits from acquisitions



October 2018 – content

Life Sciences

Tecan moves into NGS library preparation market with acquisition

Neogen adds two businesses

GEH separation to complete in next 18 months

GenScript buys electronic microarray company

IDEX acquires astronomy and life science camera specialist

Bruker to acquire majority of diagnostics company

Hamilton Storage moves into new Swiss headquarters

Transcriptic powers remote drug discovery centre at Lilly

Phase Focus wins international distribution partners

Danaher to spin off Dental business

Thermo Fisher licenses in CRISPR technology


General Laboratory

Advion moves into expanded headquarters

Horiba Scientific opens optical spectroscopy centre

Sensirion raises funds in IPO

Blue Scientific to distribute photothermal IR technology

Shimadzu expands vacuum pump service in Europe

Entegris makes three acquisitions

Uniqsis signs US distributor


Process & hand-held instrumentation

Union Park Capital adds trace gas analyser firm to new business group

Battery Ventures expands PST group with two UK businesses

Amazon Filters wins equity company support

Pall Biotech signs two new bioprocess partners



TTP Labtech slowly reduces losses on steady topline increases

Tecan’s Life Sciences stagnates after previous year’s success

Partnerships and deals do not affect PBI’s results

GE Healthcare grows stronger than its parent

Fluidigm sales weaken in domestic market

Shareholders waver in spite Abcam results

Luminex confirms full year guidance despite LabCorp decision

Expedeon reaches positive EBITDA

Oxford Instruments topline suffers from divestitures

Organic growth at BSI compensates for expected decline at BEST

Mettler-Toledo sees currencies headwinds ahead

MKS expects moderation in semicon spending

Horiba reduces forecasts while SIS improves

XRF continues to improve over last fiscal year

Ultra precision technologies grow strongly organically at Ametek’s EIG

Nynomic sales growth dominated by acquisitions

ABB organic growth wiped out by currency effects

Strong growth for Inficon S&E division