November 2023 – content

Life Sciences  

PacBio acquires versatile super-resolution optics for short-read sequencing

Acquisition marries 3D cell culture with patch clamp technology

Research marketplace eyes Europe

Acquisition expands Qiagen’s forensics market ambitions

Randox acquires benchtop FC technology

EMS and Azer combine to build LS and Dx platform

Genomenon buys genomic curation company

Bio-Rad and Qiagen settle dPCR dispute


General Laboratory

Iron Path Capital forges chemicals platform with acquisition

Hamamatsu makes second NKT Photonics bid

Lab equipment maintenance firm makes two acquisitions              

Lab furniture company buys stake in Lab Concept

Bejing Labtech open Tianjin facility

Two purchases expand optical capabilities of G&H

Zeiss invests in AR, camera tracking and semiconductor manufacturing


Process & hand-held instrumentation

Veolia sells UK industrial water analysis laboratory

Waters and Sartorius expand process analytical deal

Badger Meter lays foundation of process analytical business with two purchases

Sartorius enters two partnerships for Biostat bioreactors

Kromek expands wearable distribution deal with Smiths Detection



Qiagen tones down FY2023 forecast              

PacBio expands product portfolio through acquisitions

Temporary consumables decline sparks Illumina forecast adjustment

Consumable sales almost double at BioNano Genomics

BD Biosciences sees growth in reagents and flow cytometry instruments

LS division grows slowest at Gooch & Housego

China declines in high teens during Waters’ second quarter

Stagnating sales at Waldner

Organic growth in the mid teens at Bruker, driven by Asian customers

Zeiss IQR grows in high single-digits in first fiscal half

Köttermann’s sales below expectations in 2021

Global slowdown results in Hamamatsu toning down full-year guidance              

Acquired product lines exceed expectations at Netzsch A&T

Kewaunee back in profit after three difficult years

OSI Systems growth driven by cargo and vehicle inspection systems

Veolia Water Technologies driven by Suez’ WTS in first half 2023

Getinge LS sees decline in biopharma sales