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    • Pandemic results in bumper M&A activities in 2021
      As had been predicted, 2021 turned out to be a bumper year for acquisitions, with close to 200 company purchases being mentioned in Instrument News.  Not only did the pandemic sap the economic confidence out of many industries, leading to reduced orders, which brought many a company to the brink or forced them to shift their focus dramatically. Other markets, however, notably those for healthcare, vaccine and drug development, personal [...]
    • Slower growth expected across the industry following 2021 recovery spurt
      The overall size of the global analytical instrument industry in 2021– including furniture and fume hoods/enclosures, and process analytical instruments (PAI) – is estimated to have grown by almost 20% to top the $80 billion mark, as the 2022 Outlook for the analytical instrument industry from our partners, Top-Down Analytics (TDA), highlights.  Certain end-user markets and specific classes of technologies will have done less well than others, and all is [...]
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