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    • Chinese export growth continues to dwindle
      After a weak 2015, in which Chinese instrument export growth dropped below the double-digits for the first time in years, last year saw an even worse performance for China’s instrumentation manufacturers, as growth dwindled into the low single-digits. In calendar 2016, the sector exported analytical instruments worth C¥12.10 billion ($1.75 billion at C¥6.91 = $1) to customers outside China.   Representing a gain of just 2% over the previous year, this was [...]
    • Japan sees export growth evaporate in 2016
      Exports of analytical instrumentation from manufacturers based in Japan flatlined last year, as moderate positive growth in demand from many of its larger markets was wiped out by a flat or declining performance from its three most important trading partners. According to the Japanese Ministry of Finance, analytical instrument exports in calendar 2016 were, at ¥437.84 billion ($3.87 billion at ¥113.14 = $1), essentially unchanged when compared with the previous year. [...]
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